Our School

Dear Parents, Students, and Visitors:

St. Augustine CHS opened in 2001 and has maintained a focus on educating children in a Catholic learning environment that provides them with the knowledge, skills, and values to use their God-given talents to reach their full potential. During its history, the school has earned a distinguished reputation in the York Catholic District School Board as a strong academic school, achieving exceptionally high success rates in the grade nine EQAO mathematics and the grade ten OSSLT tests. The school has also received recognition from The Fraser Institute as one of the top schools in Ontario in terms of student achievement.

Our school is named after one of the great teachers and leaders of the Catholic Church, St. Augustine of Hippo. St. Augustine was blessed with a brilliant mind and was a prolific writer who explained subjects such as grace, the Trinity, and the soul. His thoughts and writings had a profound impact on our Catholic faith tradition. The Augustinian motto “Unitas Veritas Caritas” (Unity Truth Charity) inspires and guides our students and staff to join together in participating in all aspects of school life, to think critically in the search for knowledge, and succeed while serving our local and global community.

At St. Augustine CHS we aim to provide a welcoming and safe learning environment where all students are valued.  The school offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities such as student athletics, numerous clubs and councils, and many special events throughout the school year. In addition, many of our students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which encourages them to develop new skills and volunteer in the community to earn a globally recognized accreditation. All these elements provide opportunities for students to develop character, leadership, a healthy lifestyle, and positive peer relationships.

Since its founding, St. Augustine CHS recognized the value of integrating technology into the curriculum by offering one of the first Laptop Learning Focus programs. The school’s focus has evolved into the innovative STREAM Focus Program (which is designed to integrate science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and mathematics to guide student inquiry and critical thinking). The program offers a rich opportunity for many of our students to enhance, extend, and apply their learning using the latest technology in their core subject areas. Our teaching staff encourages students to use 21st-century skills to demonstrate their learning in meaningful and engaging learning experiences.

Please visit the St. Augustine CHS website for more information about our school community. I believe you will discover that our school is filled with talented and creative students, a dedicated teaching staff who inspire challenge and offer rewarding educational opportunities for our students, and a supportive parental community working in partnership to embrace our motto Unitas Veritas Caritas.