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STREAM – Our Department is proud to put the ”A” in STREAM Education at St. Augustine. Our projects are designed to encourage collaboration, multi-disciplinary learning, problem-solving, creativity. experimentation while discovering and celebrating our God-given talents. We take pride in the varied mediums we provide our students. This semester students melded traditional medium with new technology. Students created traditional Japanese Notans with paper and translated them ... Continue reading "STREAM ARTS"

St. Augustine Land Acknowledgement

The St. Augustine CHS Land Acknowledgement Committee finalized a statement that recognizes the treaty area where our school is situated. A special thank you to the following committee members for their time researching and developing our school land acknowledgement: students Lola Irelewuyi, Ahastan Surees, Chloe Wong, and teachers Ms. Pirrello, Ms. DeGregorio, as well as our Indigenous community partner Mim Harder.

St. ... Continue reading "St. Augustine Land Acknowledgement"

St. Augustine Graduating Class of 2022

Plans are now underway for an in-person graduation celebration for the class of 2022!

Graduation will be held on Tuesday, June28, 2022 @ 11:00 a.m. at Le Parc Dining and Banquet Hall, 8432 Leslie St., Thornhill, ON   L3T 7M6

Those students in the graduating class are reminded to book graduation photos (see details below) and to order a graduation gown using ... Continue reading "St. Augustine Graduating Class of 2022"

St. Augustine CHS Achieves Terry Fox “Top Fundraising Schools of 2021” List

St. Augustine Catholic High School is proud to announce that we have placed on the “Top Fundraising Schools of 2021” list! Thank you to the St. Augustine community for your support.   It is an honour that Terry’s story of courage and determination continues to be taught, shared and used as an example of the best we can be, not only as individuals, but also as ... Continue reading "St. Augustine CHS Achieves Terry Fox “Top Fundraising Schools of 2021” List"

Information About STREAM Application

Families intending to apply to our STREAM Focus Program for the 2022/23 school year are encouraged to review all pertinent information in our Grade 8 Virtual Open House presentation. A link to the application can be found in the presentation, and will close on November 24th by 10:00 pm.

Please note that a grade 8 Progress Report is not necessary for the completion ... Continue reading "Information About STREAM Application"