St. Augustine Sr. Reach for the Top – York Region Champions

The senior Reach for the Top York Region champion team led by grade 12 student Elill Mathivannan, qualified for the Ontario provincials.  At the provincials, they showed their skill at trivia and quick response and won 3 out of their 5 games, which sent them to the first round of the Quarter Finals.  Unfortunately they weren’t able to secure a win in the Quarter Finals and were knocked out of competition, but they walked away with a 10th place finish out of all of Ontario!  An amazing accomplishment considering that over 1000 schools compete in Reach for the Top in the province.

We wish our graduating players the best of luck as they leave St. Augustine:

Elill Mathivannan, Andy Li, Nicholas Yeung, Ryan Yeung, Natasha Gupta, Michelle Wong, Kate Dong, Haywood Cheung, Adrienne Lee, Peter Katsavelos, Tanmay Verma, Aytan Singh, Kevin Lau, Vanessa Gharibo and Vincent Cheng.