Students who enroll at St. Augustine Catholic High School do so with a complete awareness of the uniform requirements. Therefore, by choosing St. Augustine Catholic High School, he/she implicitly agrees to abide by the uniform policy.

We regard the uniform as a means of creating a distinct school identity. Students who do not respect the code, are in effect, undermining that goal.

Uniform Items:

  1. logo that appears on uniformsNavy uniform dress pants from DGN Kilters; no altering/tapering permitted, with the exception of length.
  2. White or maroon school monogrammed golf shirt (long or short sleeved) from DGN Kilters.*
  3. Maroon school zippered polo (regular or inverted fleece) with school monogram from DGN Kilters.
    Must be worn over a St. Augustine C.H.S. golf shirt.
  4. All black shoes. No boots, sandals or open weave shoes, exaggerated platform shoes or coloured shoe laces will be permitted. The shoes must not have any white or coloured markings of any kind.
  5. Only the above-mentioned school apparel is permitted. Team, Club, HPE, or Committee apparel is not permitted during regular school hours.

*Only white t-shirts may be worn under the uniform golf shirts.

Uniform Purchasing:

DGN Kilters (www.dgn-kilters.com)

4855 14th Avenue, Unit 3
Markham, Ontario

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