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Parent Resources Available for Loan
The following books are available for loan to parents.  Please inquire at the school's Main Office.  
Resources listed alphabetically by title.  

Ain't Misbehavin'. Alyson Schafer. Book description.

Assessment and Intervention for Executive Function Difficulties. George McCloskey et al. Book description.

Attention Deficit Disorder: the Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults. Thomas Brown. Book description.
breaking mom.jpg

Breaking the Good Mom Myth. Alyson Schafer. Book description.
Challenging Kids, Challenged Teachers: Teaching Students with Tourette’s, Bipolar Disorder, Executive Dysfunction, OCD, ADHD, and More. Leslie Packer & Sheryl Pruitt. Book description.
Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits. Peg Dawson & Richard Guare. Book description.

Executive Function in Education: From Theory to Practice. Lynn Meltzer. Book description.
Executive Skills2.png

Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: a Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention, 2nd Edition. Peg Dawson & Richard Guare. Book description.

Find A Way or Make A Way: Checklists of Helpful Accommodations for Students with AD/HD, Executive Dysfunction, Mood disorders, TS, OCD and Other Neurological Challenges. Leslie Packer. Book description.
Growing Up Resilient.png

Growing Up Resilient: Ways to Build Resilience in Children and Youth. Tatyana Barankin & Nazilla Khanlou. Book description.

Honey, I Wrecked the Kids. Alyson Schafer. Book description.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. Adele Faber and Elaina Mazlish. Book description.
No Mind Left Behind: Understanding and Fostering Executive Control—The Eight Essential Brain Skills Every Child Needs to Thrive. Adam Cox. Book description.
Schultz_Nowhere to Hide.png

Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD & LD Hate School and What We Can Do about It. Jerome Schultz. Book description.

The Optimistic Child: A Proven Program to Safeguard Children against Depression and Build Lifelong Resilience. Martin Seligman. Book description.

Organizing the Disorganized Child: Simple Strategies to Succeed in School. Martin Kutscher Marcella Moran. Book description.

Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom. Lynn Meltzer. Book description.
Smart But Scattered.png

Smart But Scattered: the Revolutionary “Executive Skills” Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential. Peg Dawson & Richard Guare. Book description.

Teaching Teens with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits: a Quick Reference Guide for Teachers and Parents, 2nd Edition. Chris Zeigler Dendy. Book description.
Tigers Too.png

Tigers, Too: Executive Functions/Speed of Processing/Memory—Modifications and Interventions. Marilyn Dornbush & Sheryl Pruitt. Book description.

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